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Windows Vista

Question: Does my Hannspree Xm-S monitor work with my new PC with Windows Vista (Basic/Premium/Business/Ultimate)?
Answer: Yes, all Hannspree Xm-S monitors are fully compatibility to work with any brand of new Windows Vista PCs with Basic, Premium, Business, or Ultimate versions.
Question: Does my Hannspree Xm-S monitor still work with my PC after I upgrade it from Windows XP to Windows Vista?
Answer: Yes, all Hannspree Xm-S monitors work with PCs with an upgrade version of Windows Vista.
Question: Do I have to install new monitor driver for my new Windows Vista PC?
Answer: No, you can just use the default driver that installed by Windows Vista automatically.
Question: Can I just use Windows Vista default monitor driver for my Hannspree Xm-S monitor?
Answer: Yes, you can. All Hannspree Xm-S monitors work with Windows Vista default monitor driver.
Question: What is the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo on the HANNspree Xm-S monitors?
Answer: Hannspree Xm-S monitors with a "Certified for Windows Vista" logo sticker -- This logo indicates your Hannspree Xm-S monitor has been passed the premium logo testing logs from Microsoft and delivers exciting new Microsoft Windows computing experiences.
Question: I just purchased one of your monitors and the drivers are only for Windows Vista. Will the monitor work with Windows XP and do I need additional drivers?
Answer: There are no drivers needed for Windows XP, and in most cases Vista as well, the default monitor driver will work fine.You may need to update your video card drivers if you are unable to use the recommended resolution. Please contact your PC or video card manufacturer for assistance with this procedure if needed. If this does not resolve your issue or if you require further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 888 808 6789 (1-909-740-6934 and 1-909-740-6935 outside of the US ); Mon - Fri: 8:00am to 5:00pm (EST) and we will be happy to assist you.