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Windows 7

Question: How do I know if my monitor is fully compatible to run under Windows 7™ ?
Answer: Microsoft™ states that, the term "compatibility" refers to whether a hardware manufacturer supports their device on Windows 7™. As with all versions of Windows™, HANNspree will continue to support our monitors with Windows 7™. Please download the Windows Upgrade Advisor to help you identify the compatibility of other hardware/software on your computer that may effect how you monitor functions.
Question: I am having display problem using Windows 7™ ?
Answer: When you encounter display problems using Windows 7™:
1. Make sure your PC (Hardware requirement) can support Windows 7™ using the Windows Upgrade Advisor.
2. If your video card supports Windows 7™, install the latest driver of your video card -- Video card drivers are not normally provided by Microsoft™, however Microsoft has provided driver update instructions on their website.
Question: I am having problem showing the correct maximum display resolution on my LCD monitor using Window 7™ ?
Answer: Recommend resolutions and native resolutions vary, depending on the your computer system, video card and monitor. The native resolutions for our monitors are:


1st option

2nd option

17" Wide 1440 x 900@60Hz 1440 x 900@75Hz
18.5" Wide 1366 x 768@60HZ 1366 x 768@75Hz
19" Standard 1280 x 1024@60Hz 1280 x 1024@75Hz
19" Wide 1440 x 990@60Hz 1440 x 990@75Hz
20" 1600 x 900@60Hz 1600 x 900@50Hz
22" 1680 x 1050@60Hz 1680 x 1050@50Hz
21.5", 23", 24", 25" 1920 x 1080@60Hz 1920 x 1080@50Hz
28" 1920 x 1200@60Hz 1920 x 1200@50Hz

Microsoft™ has provided best resolution instruction for this issue as well.
Question: I have a black screen after installing Windows 7™?
Answer: It is suggested to do the following:
1. The easiest test is to try this monitor on another PC and if it shows an image, then the problem is most likely with the Windows 7™ installation/setup.
2. Detach all unnecessary external devices from your PC such as scanner, printer or removable storage device.
3. Reboot the system and keep pressing F8 key until the Windows startup menu appears on the screen.
4. Select the minimum 640 x 480 display resolution.
5. Install the latest Windows 7™ video driver and Reboot the system. Please click here for driver update information.
Question: I cannot get the maximum resolution of my monitor (with Windows 7™ logo) using Windows 7™ ?
Answer: If you are sure that the hardware of your PC, including the video card and drivers are fully compatible with Windows 7™ and still cannot get the right maximum display resolution of your monitor (monitor is with Windows 7™ logo). You are advice to contact the nearest service center for assistance.
Question: How do I setup full display ?
Answer: Some of the video cards have an option to select FULL screen option and need to enable to get FULL screen using the image settings in the On Screen Display (OSD) Menu.
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