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Why Hannspree TV?

Great design includes great technological prowess. Since our parent company is one of the largest LCD panel manufacturers in the world, we incorporate the latest innovations in audio and video to ensure powerful home theater sound and crisp, accurate image reproduction.

Technically speaking, Hannspree's SPE (Super Picture Engine) technology combines ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology with the most advanced LCD panel design, a 3D comb filter, ADC and gamma correction technologies, DCDi® (Directional Correlation Deinterlacing) with progressive scanning, Digital Noise Reduction and 10-bit video processing technologies.

Practically speaking, Hannspree's technological edge means consistent color tone, clear contrast values, natural, lifelike details and excellent viewing from a variety of angles, even in low-light conditions.

Our brand promise goes beyond our pretty faces. We deliver best-in-class viewing as well.