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Question: How to disconnect inserted Micro SD card from Tablet?
Answer: It is recommended to remove the Micro SC card from "Settings" → "Storage" → "Unmount SD card".
Question: Why the inserted Micro SD card is not working or shows "Damaged SD card" from system status (Ongoing Tasks)?
Answer: - Make sure the SD card is not damaged.
- Dismount the SD card inappropriately may cause SD card detection fail. 
- When SD card is mounted, go to "Settings" → "Storage" → "SD card" → "Mount SD card" to engage SD card manually or simply re-insert the SD card.
Question: Where to find the Micro SD card storage I inserted?
Answer: In Home screen, enter ES File Explorer and user should find the external storage "sdcard2" under root.
- Folder "sdcard2" represents external Micro SD card storage.
- Folder "sdcard" represents internal storage.