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Question: The disk that came with the monitor only has drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7, where do I find drivers for Windows XP?
Answer: All Hannspree monitors are plug-and-play meaning that they do not require a driver to work. There are no performance enhancing drivers for a monitor. The drivers provided on the disk simply provide your computer with the Hannspree marketing model name rather than a default monitor.
Question: Are Hannspree televisions cable ready?
Answer: All Hannspree televisions are NTSC cable ready. They will work with a standard USA cable signal.
Question: Are Hannspree televisions wall mountable?
Answer: Some of Hannspree products, specifically HANNSball, HANNSboombox, and HANNSdribbling can all be mounted. Neither HANNSgolf nor HANNSsandlot is mountable through standard means. However, there are companies that do make clamp style mounts which would accommodate them.

For HDTVs, HANNSwing, HANNSnara, Hannspree Xv 32 inch and 37 inch are VESA wall mount capable. They may need to use different VESA mounting hardware. For more information, please click on "Product Specification" on the product detail page.

For Hannspree Xv Series: To remove the stand, please lay the set down and use a screwdriver with a decent reach to remove 4 screws inside the bottom of the base and the base should come right off. Before you install the wall mount, please unscrew the screws on the back of the TV.
Question: Can Hannspree Televisions be connected to gaming systems like playstation or DVD player?
Answer: Every Hannspree television can be connected to the devices like gaming system or any standard DVD player.
Question: Can Hannspree televisions be used as PC monitors?
Answer: All 15 inch and above Hannspree televisions except HANNSball do accept a PC input. All models with a screen size 15 inch or larger will take either an RGB/VGA connection (15") or DVI (23") with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Or you can look for any of the following descriptions from the product specification:

1. VGA input
2. PC input capable
3. Resolution 1024 x 768 XGA

as an indication.

The following products are PC input capable:
HANNSsandlot (all teams)
HANNSxxl (all teams)

HANNSsandlot and HANNSxxl use a proprietary connector on the back of the unit. These models are supplied with a D-Sub 15 pin adapter in the box for PC connectivity.

Hannspree 23" product including HANNSbackboard, HANNSimpact, HANNSkeel, HANNSmunich, HANNStelly and HANNSzurich, the connection for PC input is DVI-D. Currently, there is no HDCP support for our DVI connection. DVI-D will not support D-Sub 15pin to DVI adapter. Only use PC that have a dedicated DVI output on the graphics card.
Question: Do Hannspree LCD TVS meet the new FCC regulation on digital tuner?
Answer: The television receivers of Hannspree LCD TVs with the screen size under 23 inch have only an analog broadcast tuner and will require a converter box after February 17, 2009, to receive over-the-air broadcasts with an antenna because of the Nation?s transition to digital broadcasting. Analog-only TVs should continue to work as before with cable and satellite TV services, gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players, and similar products. For more information, call the Federal Communications Commission at 1-888-225-5322 (TTY: 1-888-835-5322) or visit the Commission's digital television website at:
Question: Do I need speakers to go with Hannspree television?
Answer: All Hannspree televisions have built-in speakers. They do not specifically need the external speaker systems. However, you can always use them for sound enhancement to your liking.
Question: Do you carry any television smaller than 10 inch?
Answer: 10 inch screens are Hannspree smallest televisions. Hannspree does offer one model HANNSmobi 7 inch Portable Television with DVD. If you are interested, please browse our site under Style category.
Question: Do you make any television/DVD player combos?
Answer: Hannspree currently has one product HANNSmobi.
Question: Do you sell bigger size Hannspree televisions?
Answer: Hannspree introduces a complete line of large screen television's to the USA customers.
Question: Does Hannspree have a printed catalog for customer?
Answer: Hannspree does not have a catalog for the general public with pricing and ordering information. Please browse our web site for all available models and product related information.
Question: How can I set up my universal remote control with my Hannspree products?
Answer: Hannspree is a separate manufacturer of LCD TVs and has its own unique set of remote frequencies and command codes. We have not yet found another brand that uses similar enough codes to be able to use instead of our own.

Your universal remote should have a list of manufacturers that came with it. Each remote company assigns its own 5 to 6 digit codes. If your remote doesn't have us listed, you will not be able to use your remote with our TV unless you have a learning remote.

For DirecTV customers: DirecTV does include Hannspree remote codes in some of their remotes. Their Big Button Remote does have us listed under 11348, 11351 and 11352. However, these codes may not work for Hannspree Xv Series.
Question: I've been hearing about the FCC tuner mandate and HDTV. How does this affect my television today?
Answer: All Hannspree televisions include a built in NTSC cable tuner. The switch from ATSC to HD is coming but it is not so much for HDTV as a switch from NTSC to ATSC as the new broadcast standard. Although ATSC is capable of transmitting an HDTV signal while NTSC is not, this does not necessarily make ATSC synonymous with HDTV. All that being said, Hannspree televisions will have an ATSC tuner by the end of this year, and are currently able to receive ATSC signals over the composite and s-video inputs. For more information, please visit FCC. And for more information about ATSC, NTSC, and HDTV, please check our Glossry.
Question: There is an image "Burnt" into my LCD monitor.
Answer: Solution:
LCD monitors are subject to image retention which is different from ?burn in?. Unlike actual burn in of plasma screens, image retention is usually easily corrected. If you do see image retention on your screen, unplug the monitor for 48 hours or use a moving screen saver overnight instead of turning off the power. This will usually correct the problem.

To avoid having image retention, you should never keep a still image on your screen for extended periods of time. If you must keep your monitor on, use a screen saver. If possible set your monitor to drop into standby or suspend mode after twenty or thirty minutes of inactivity.
Question: What type of battery does the remote control use?
Answer: Either AAA type or lithium CR2025. These batteries are available at most stores and electronic shops.
Question: What's the difference between HD-Ready and HDTV?
Answer: HD-Ready means the TV is capable of displaying a high-definition picture provided from external tuning device such as a digital tuner box and an antenna.

HDTV means the TV has a built-in digital tuner (or ATSC tuner); it does not require external tuner box for receiving and displaying HD programs.

Both HD-Ready TV and HDTV can receive the HD signals from cable or satellite and display HD program. The only difference is that HD-Ready TV does not have built-in digital tuner.
Question: What's your dead pixel policy?
Answer: It can vary based on screen size. For more information, please see Pixel Defect Policy.
Question: Will Hannspree televisions come with the remote?
Answer: Yes, every Hannspree television comes with a remote.