Question: What operation systems do SN10E1 notebooks support?
Answer: SN10E1 notebooks support Windows XP Home.
Question: When attempting to install Microsoft Windows XP or a previous version on an AHCI-enabled system will cause the setup to fail with the error message "set up could not detect hard disk drive..."
Answer: Windows XP or previous version does not bundle the appropriate AHCI driver in installation disc and the system cannot recognize the device.

This problem can only be corrected by either disabling the AHCI mode in BIOS setup if available or using a floppy disk with the appropriate drivers.

The appropriate driver can be found here.
Question: The system cannot boot up, or error message appears when booting.
  1. Backup personal data using external hard disk.
  2. When boot up, Press F3 to recover system when prompted with "F3…". (is located at the upper left-side of the screen)

Note: make sure that the hidden partition is remained. So that drive C will be recovered in factory setting. (all data will be lost after recovery)

Question: How to perform the Hannspree SN10E1 HDD recovery function?
Answer: When Windows XP malfunctions, there are two ways for owners of Hannspree SN10E1 to recover the operating system's default settings. The first method is called "F3 Hard-key recovery" and the procedures are as follows:
  1. Restart your notebook and press F3 when the screen shows "F3…".
  2. Once you see the screen of "Hannspree recovery system," follow the instructions and confirm your choices.
  3. Press the OK tab when all procedures are completed. In this method, only Windows C: drive is recovered and the data on D: drive remain intact.

The second method is called "RCD recovery". In this recovery method, users of Hannspree SN10E1 need to use an external USB DVD player, connect it with SN10E1, and insert Hannspree RCD.

  1. Restart your notebook and press F11 when the screen shows the Hannspree logo.
  2. When you see the boot source screen, choose and confirm the "USB DVD" tab, and press any key when the screen shows "CD booting, please press any key…." Once you see the screen of "Hannspree recovery system", follow the instructions and confirm your choices.
  3. Press the OK tab when all procedures are completed.
  4. This method formats the hard disk and performs the recovery of Windows XP. Data on both Windows C: and D: drives are reformatted to the default settings.

P.S.: Before you perform the Windows XP recovery function, make sure you save the data on the other hard drive or storage device.