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The Recycling Program for Michigan is as follows:

Hannspree North America, Inc is pleased to announce the implementation of its recycling program. This program is free and is available to consumers in the State of Michigan.

For more information about the recycling law, please visit: Hannspree North America, Inc. provides toll-free numbers and website addresses for the information about the program, including a detailed description of how a customer may return a covered video display device. The program will accept the following device from consumers, covered under the Michigan law.

● TVs
● Monitors
● Notebook computers
● Portable DVD players

The list of Hannspree owned brands is as follows.
● Hannspree
● Hanns•G
● I-Inc

To request recycling service, please call 888-808-6789 for Hannspree, 888-842-6674 for Hanns·G, and 888-807-8808 for I-Inc, and provide the following information:

Subject Line: Recycling Request
Telephone Number:
Brand of Product:
Model Number of Product:
Serial Number:

We will review your request and if qualified, we will send you a pre-paid mailing label to ship your Hannspree video display devices to a designated location. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to process your request.