Question: What is the HDD specifications for SN10E1-series notebooks?
Answer: The specification of HDD is as follows:
- SATA interface
- 2.5 inch
- 160GB
- 5400RRM
Question: Why is it that my 160GB hdd doesn't show its exact capacity of 160GB in "My Computer"? In addition, when you add them up, it will not reach 160GB.

This matter would be best explain with the following:

  1. Basically, a 160GB HDD (with regards to any manufacturers) has 149GB of effective storage - which means that only 149GB can be utilized.
    For computation:
    If 1GB=1024MB, 1MB = 1024KB, 1KB=1024 Bytes
    Therefore 160GB
    160,000,000,000 Byte/1024=156,250,000KB
    Note: Same principle applies when using different hdd capacities with respect its manufacturers:
    80GB, 100GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB, 300GB, 320GB, 500GB hdd.

  2. In order to verify the actual capacity storage of the hdd, you can go to START → 1 CONTROL PANEL → ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS → COMPUTER MANAGEMENT → DISK MANAGEMENT --- Then you will be prompted with the screen (please see pics).
    a. If it so happens that your HDD has hidden partition (normally recovery OS are being placed here - so please don't delete this for future recovery use), there will be added partition slot in the disk management which you don't normally see in My Computer or device manager.
    b. If your computer don't have any hidden partition, then you can directly calculate the total capacity storage of your hdd by adding them up.

  3. Lastly, when a 160GB hdd that has 149GB effective storage is being breakdown into 3 parts, its calculation will be like this: 160GB total effective storage (149GB) = Hidden Partition (3.90GB) + C: (72.33GB) + D: (72.82GB)
    Note: the same calculation principle applies to different hdd capacity.