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Q1: SN10E1內建多少記憶體?最大能支援到多少?
Q2: What is the maximum memory support for Hannspree SN10E1?
  SN10E1 has 2gb max support memory, but since the on-board memory already has 1gb in it; therefore an additional of 1gb memory stick will do.
Q3: What is the maximum capacity of SN10E1 memory?
  Can support upto 2GB memory. Therefore, since it has 1gb built-in memory, you can add a maximum of 1G memory.
Q4: 最大可分享多少記憶體容量給顯示晶片組?
Q5: SN10E1可支援那些類型的記憶體?
  可支援DDR2 667 / 800 (Chipset FSB is 533)之記憶體。